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What Is Market Making?

Market makers have an essential role in providing digital assets and liquidity to cryptocurrency investors and making these assets accessible to all. The market making process ensures that there is enough volume of tokens for investors to buy and sell at a market-related, reasonable price.

Through market making, a trader will simultaneously provide liquidity to both buyers and sellers, Making bids and offers accessible to all participants around the world, similar to a currency exchange service.

Market making isn’t a new or futuristic concept. It is a standard financial practice that has been used in traditional financial markets for decades. Once a cryptocurrency project is listed on an exchange such as ours, tokens become available and investors like yourself can start trading the asset.

Tokens can be bought or sold on any exchange, but for CENEX, our competitive edge is our technology.

The CENEX Edge

CENEX works with leading cryptocurrency projects to deliver top-level services for our clients. Our KPIs align with and validate our market-making value proposition with each partner.

We maintain all of our trade executions in our proprietary database, and our reporting is fully-automated and customizable.

Our market’s institutional-grade software suite was built entirely in-house by our developers, prioritizing ease of use and accessibility for our clients.

Our trading platform software offers:

  • Over 60 exchange integrations, bringing flexibility and deep customization to your trading experience
  • Robust liquidity for you to spread and order book KPIs
  • Deep liquidity provisioning across both centralized and decentralized venues
  • Measured performance on the most granular level, allowing for complete visibility and flexibility
  • Daily generated market reports that are available to all trading counterparties
  • Thorough examination of your exchange and trading ecosystem to learn your needs and set achievable goals specifically for you
CENEX is run by our team of fintech experts. Each of us has experience trading with established and emerging projects, and is wildly successful in our individual trades. We’re equipped, informed and dedicated to making your trading experience the best it can be.
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